KOP Bin Manufacturer / Model / Brand ?

Does anyone know who manufactures the KOP bins? We are trying to source a few more and are having a hard time finding the exact brand and model.

If you can’t find any, 256 has about 13 years worth of those containers around our room, and we’ll be happy* to share some with you!

*Need to check with the mentors first

hard to tell from the pics…but this one looks really close?


Monoflo is the manufacturer. You can purchase them from Ace Hardware for about $15 each.

We found those by Akro Mils as well, but they are smaller than the KOP totes.

Honestly, I’m shocked at the low price!
We should be stock piling these now!!:yikes:

That is a good price - and free shipping to your local Ace HW!

We have 6 years worth sitting around. I wish we could send them back to First and reuse them. We carried one to our first regional this year, but the rest just sit there.

We used them to store subteam specific items during this season so we had everything we needed in one place. Not sure I would recommend this since tools or important parts everyone needed kept disappearing. I was thinking it would be cool to use one as the base for a off-season bot with wheels just barely sticking out the bottom so it could be transported easily. Anyway, I’m not really sure why FIRST doesn’t just accept extra totes back maybe at regionals or something. (Possibly shipping a bunch of crates could get expensive. Then again, if they aren’t paying for the crates, just shipping… who knows?)

Since FIRST’s shipping method to and from regionals is via semis that have a very specific packing order (fully Tetris optimized), I’m not sure how practical this would be. You could send HQ an email suggesting it as a recycling initiative, though.

That’s why it’s so hard to figure out who made the bins…there are more than one.

I loaded up 3 FIRST bins and the robot and toolbox in my truck today, there are two types of bins, one is by Orbis, the other by Monoflo.

They are known as “Attached Lid Containers”. The page from Enco (lower right). http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INPDFF?PMPAGE=867&PARTPG=INLMK32 Multiple sizes (and prices). Available from many industrial suppliers and several brands.

We bought several a couple of years ago to store the bigger stuff (wheels, motors, etc.) Each subteam has claimed a couple for storage.