KOP Delivery

We got our KOP shipped for the first time this year - we usually drive over to pick it up. I’ve been calling every day this week and found out today our kit won’t even arrive until next Monday. At that point 22% of the season is over. Is this typical? We ordered game pieces from Vexpro and Andymark, but only AM came through. Is this a typical time frame for KOP delivery? It’s really cutting into our prototyping time…

We had that problem last year, that is why we drove an hour to a kick off event. Plus saving the $200 delivery cost.

Sorry to hear…

We gave up years ago on shipping. VERY costly to ship directly… and very delayed.
It is our practice now to have either alumni or parents fly to the “local” kickoff.
We also bring back other big island teams KOP’s as well…
Just has to have the paperwork lined up with FIRST and your local rep.
Keep emailing them… !

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It’s weird to see that there are so many teams in the States who did not get their KOP delivered yet. Some of the Dutch teams already have theirs.