KOP Drive base configurations?

What configurations of the KOP drive base do you prefer and why? For those of you who use the KPP drive base, what drives your decision to use a certain configuration?

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It depends on the game. Generally, we like the “long” configuration, because it tends to make the robot as stable as it can be. The wheel contact points are almost a square, so there is no direction that the robot is more “tippy”. With the wide configuration, it is likely to tip forward or back, since the wheelbase is so short.

We have used “square” when we wanted to make an extra small robot. We used the belts for, and cut the length to that of the “wide” configuration in the manual, and reduced the width of the frame so it was the same as the “long” configuration in the manual.


Agreeing with @MrForbes on what he said. Long limits falling over forward or reverse, square is great for smaller robots. If you’re going even smaller than square and plan a low CoG, 3946 and I have built several four wheel robots which are essentially cutting the back (or front) 12" off the side rails. As long as the robot is wider in track than it is long in wheelbase, it should still be able to turn with just four wheels. Protip: Unless you want to put the motors in opposite corners, be sure to cut the pieces so they are mirror images of each other, not identical!

2017 robot
2018 off-season
mini-bot for 2019 Bayou Workshops

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