KOP Encoders.

I’m curios, am I able to use the 2013 kit of parts encoders with the AndyMark gearboxes? If so, how? Do I just slightly drill in to the back of it?

You’re installing a E4P encoder onto an AndyMark Toughbox Mini? Well then, you’ll need to make or buy an Encoder Mount Pad and then follow the installation instructions (on the “How To/Pictures” tab).

That isn’t what we got with our KOP. We got 2 of the AS5145B Magnetic Encoders. There is a 1.5 mm hole in it right now and it has a set pin on the side. I think I would just have to drill a new hole to insert the shaft into. But yes, it’s the AndyMark Toughbox Mini.

Aha. Here’s what you need.

AS5145B_EK_FIRST-1.1_UserManual.pdf (3.26 MB)

AS5145B_EK_FIRST-1.1_UserManual.pdf (3.26 MB)

Thanks this looks like what I need. I don’t know how I wasn’t able to find this.

Do any of you guys know where I can get some 1 wire connection extenders.

Something like this?

There are other lengths available. The ones linked are Male/Female (extensions), if you need Male/male or femal/femal ends, just browse through this section.

THey’re all connected, just pull the # of conductors apart that you need.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for, thanks.

Another question, how do I wire the encoder? Like I can’t find the index port on the digital sidecar.

I’m not familiar with the AS5145 in particular, but wiring should be like any other rotary encoder.

There is a simplified wiring diagram on page 8 of the PDF linked a few posts back.
You need to hook the 5v, gnd, A, and B conductors up to the digital side car (DSC). You shouldn’t need the index channel. My guess is that the index channel will give you a single pulse per revolution.
Channels A and B should be connected to the DSC Digital I/O ports. They need to go to separate channels, they connect t othe pins labeled “sig” if I remember correctly. Choose two that are available. Note the numbers of the channels, and set your code up to use these two channels to configure the encoder object/VI.

So would I use the other encoder type that isn’t index encoder in robot builder?

I’m not familiar with the particular options in robot builder. But if you are wiring up channels A and B to the digital side car, then you’re using the encoder as a quadrature encoder. IF there’s an option that says quadrature, pick that one.

For info on what quadrature is, check out these links:

Otherwise if you could provide a list of named options, or a screenshot, I could help direct you better.

Here are the two encoder types.