KOP fan power?

How are the KOP fans supposed to be powered? Namely the small ones from this year’s kit and last.

Where on the PDB are they supposed to be plugged in?

They can be plug into any of the 30amp max slots. What do you play on using it for?

The smaller fans are generally used on Victors (wired to the input power side). And just personal experience, in the 7+ years I’ve been with 810, we’ve never had a reason to use the larger fans. But I know there’s plenty of teams that do.

The Victor fans are equivalent, but are built into the Victor. I’ve only used the small fans on a drill motor, used for cooling.

True, the Victor fans are a separate piece though.

We worked it out. We put the 2 small pabst fans into their own 30A slots (using 20A fuses) and just soldered the wires to be longer. Do test to be sure the fans work, as over half of ours from 2011 KOP were bad or broken.

We did not try wiring them in series or parallel.

Good decision. You can split a single branch, but make sure each fan has its own direct supply and ground.