"KoP Item" Compendium

Ever wonder if something is a “KoP Item” when you are making your CAW/Bill of Materials? Wonder no more. Here is a searchable list of (nearly) every item in the physical KoP or FIRST Choice from 2013 and 2015-2018.If you can find an item in this list, it does not need to be included on the CAW. As the Q & A has confirmed, any part which has ever been in the KoP or FIRST Choice is excluded regardless of quantity or where the part came from. Also note that items under $5 and items payed for completely by a product donation voucher are also excluded.
The document is open for editing, so feel free to add items from 2014 (the documents are not available in text form and FIRST Choice was not archived) or earlier.

At some point I’ll go through and add some older sites. Here is a convenient list of all of the available KoP lists (and FIRST Choice, don’t forget about FIRST Choice!)