KOP now available for Fusion 360

Great news for teams who have been using Fusion 360 to design their robot. The 2016 FRC kit of parts and field model is now available for Fusion 360. Use the following link then scroll to the bottom of the page see the new Fusion 360 link.


Haven’t tried Fusion 360 yet? With the kit of parts now available this is a great opportunity to see how Fusion 360 can be used in the robot design process.

Here is the link to download Fusion 360.


Any questions please post them here or email me directly.

Great news! Are there plan to do this for the 2017 KoP as well (albeit a bit closer to launch? :slight_smile: )?

Speaking of the 2017 KoP, what version of Inventor will be required to open the 2017 KoP files? Last year I had Inventor 2015 installed and the files were made with 2016 and weren’t backwards compatible (why?).

Just wondering what I should install. :wink:

Although not as nice to work with, auto desk usually also releases a .stp file of the field aswell to allow for backwards compatibility.

True, though I would much rather work with the native format, a lot of things get lost in the .stp versions (constraints, colors, etc).

In reply to the comments noted above,

  1. Yes, the 2017 KOP should be available in Inventor, STEP and Fusion formats. As always this will be immediately after the opening of the season in early January.

  2. At this time the plan is to provide the Inventor KOP in 2017 file format with the STEP files for those who are using a previous version or another CAD application.

Note that we do provide archived KOP versions on the website. Typically there are a number of parts that are used in the robot from previous years so you could use the native file format from that version.