KOP photos?



The first one’s pretty obvious, anyone recognize the second one?

Wheel spacers for skyway 6" or 8" wheelchair wheels to mount sprockets flush.
Not sure if they are reused Kit parts, or not… but we have used them many times before.

edit: A bit more info, The 4 wheel spacers as shown in the pic is enough for 2 wheels. They basically sandwhich together with the grooves fitting over the spokes and then you have a flush surface on each side of the wheel.

The valve stems are a bit tight fitting when the spacers are on, but it still works.

Hmmmm, apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t use wheelchair wheels on my robot :slight_smile:

btw, this folder (/KOPphotos) was empty last night. I don’t know how long it’s been there - I’ve been away from a computer for a week.

I have been watching this folder for a few weeks now. I did check it this morning and it was empty, plus all the rest of the folders were viewable.

i’ve taken up checking the Inventor KOP folder for any files. I don’t know how beneficial this all is tho, because 99% of the parts will be the same, and there are only 4 days left anways

Sheesh how do you people FIND these things on the FIRST site???

Yeah seriously, how?!

i don’t know about the other people, but the inventor stuff is on Autodesk Streamline

On the back of the second picture there’s that nice ultra high friction mat Small Parts sells. Wouldn’t mind if that was included in the kit!

Hmm… I saw that too, but just thought it was the same cheesecloth type drawer liner stuff they have given out in the past.

The most use I have seen for that in the past (and I hope not to start some rumors about 06) is to line your ball grabbing mechanism with that to grab the larger balls (2001) and keep them in your grasp.

Tips and tricks of a seasoned Internet surfer are not given out freely unfortunately. :wink:

It is basically all an understanding of website structure, how URLs are made, a lot of boredom, and a lot of luck. I really don’t want to go into more detail than that since it can get confusing and troublesome.

Wow. So you really just guessed based on patterns a likely naming conventions?! That must have taken forever, you could have done something productive, like… post on CD. :wink:

This is actually called a router mat for those of you who are woodworkers.

You put it under your woork piece to keep it from walking off on you when it’s a difficult item to clamp.

But 90% of people use it in the aforementioned keep stuff from sliding around in a drawer.

Hmm another thought. Pasta for this years comp anyone?

Boredom? I half agree and half not - depends on your perspective I think. If you play video games 12 hours a day, is that because you are bored or because you enjoy playing them? Or both? I enjoy the thrill of the season as well as the anticipation, so poking around the FIRST website in my free time isn’t much different than trying to figure out what the game hint means or why Dave Lavery raised his eyebrows when he sneezed. However, if you’re bored because you’re doing something boring and then you find something to do, I guess technically you did it because of boredom. [/end spotlight quote here :smiley: ]

But I digress. In past years www2 (and I think before that, wwww) was where FIRST put it’s information, protected of course, presumably to try out the site and links prior to making it public. There are certain patterns to the documents as you can tell by looking through each year, and as any good engineer/programmer I imagine they try to keep a pretty similar format to minimize the amount of conflicts between paths. I think this is the first time I’ve actually found anything ahead of time (although I do make an annual claim in the rumor forum to the contrary), and of course it is pretty benign.