KOP pneumatic parts?? Where did they go

Seems to me we used to get lots of pneumatic parts (fittings, regulators, gsuges, etc) in the KOP. Am I missing something or do we not get any of this stuff any more?
Trying to do my BOM.

If it’s not here, it wasn’t in the KoP. They moved a lot of speciality items to FIRST choice this year so I assume pneumatics are there if they aren’t in the KoP.

There has been steadily less and less pneumatic parts in the KOP each year, with them being moved to FIRST Choice.

They are in First Choice. So they still get treated as KOP items. Presumably regardless whether are not you actually got one from first choice.

excellent thanks

Definition from the manual:

Kit of Parts (KOP): the collection of items listed on any Kit of Parts Checklist, available in FIRST® Choice, or obtained via a Product Donation Voucher (PDV)

So, no matter how many victors we have on this years robot, the fact that they came from a previous years KOP means they are costed at $0?
Still need some clarification on this.

Lies. You’re limited to the quantities listed on the KoP checklist. And I’m nearly certain you’re limited to the 2013 checklists. Checklists refers to the separate lists for the green tote and the black tote.

Response to Q469: “There is no quantity limit on Kit of Parts items in regards to the Cost Accounting Rules. If the item is a Kit of Parts item, it does not require an associated cost on the BOM.”

Also, from the manual glossary: “Kit of Parts (KOP): the collection of items listed on any Kit of Parts Checklist, available in FIRST® Choice, or obtained via a Product Donation Voucher (PDV)”

Our team has listed anything available on FIRST Choice as not having a cost. This is my interpretation of the rules but we’re still under the limit without it so I would be happy to be corrected.

There is also this:
Q535 Q. Are the cost of items from previous years’ kit of parts excluded from the BOM (ex. 8 slot cRIO), and are quantities taken from this years’ kit of parts or from previous years’ (ex. we received 1 jaguar in this year’s KOP, but 2 in last year’s KOP)? To rephrase, are items in any KOP exempt from cost?
FRC0930 on 2013-02-20 | 5 Followers
A. Generally, no. However, the 2013 KOP includes 1 Jaguar and a voucher for 2 additional Jaguars (or Victors, depending on the Team’s preference). The KOP also includes a cRIO (so, even if a cRIO wasn’t delivered to a veteran team, it’s still considered part of the KOP). For the purposes of FRC, and [R11] particularly, there is no distinction between the 4-slot and 8-slot cRIOs.

I agree that quantities for first choice items do not seem to be addressed.

Caught by working under previous year’s rules again.

So, Q535 suggests that you DO have to account for items on a previous year’s KoP list that aren’t duplicated on the 2013 checklists.

Q469 suggests that quantities don’t apply to KoP items. If it’s on the list, it’s free in any quantity.

I can accept all that till you try to meld Q469 with the text definition of KoP. Anything bought with a PDV is a KoP item. There are no quantity limits associated with KoP items. Ergo, I use my AM PDV to buy a single Revolution 2 swerve module at $330. It is now a KoP item. I buy 3 more, and they’re $0 on my BOM because the original one is a KoP item?

I’m not trying to lawyer the rules here, my team is well under budget using my more restrictive original interpretation. I’m just not certain that the current rulings are consistent. Or, if they are, it’s nearly impossible to go over budget.

this is all confusing.
So, where does a lead screw from a previous years KOP fit in. $0??>

If it is this one, which was available this year on First choice, it’s a current KOP item. http://www.andymark.com/FIRST-Choice-p/fc13-050.htm

I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but here is what made the most sense to me, and what 1519 did, for Product Donation Vouchers (PDVs) in our Bill of Materials (BoM) – we listed the price of items we purchased with the PDV, and then included a “negative” line item for the PDV itself.

In other words, since our team received the $450 AndyMark PDV instead of a KitBot, I listed all of our AndyMark items on the robot with their normal purchasing price (even the ones that we got “for free” with the PDV), ensured that the total was over $450, and then made a line item on the Bill of Materials for “Andy Mark Product Donation Voucher, -$450.00” This makes it entirely clear to anybody looking at the BOM as to what was done.

I did the same for the other “credit amount” PDVs we used, such as BaneBots and Inventables.