KOP Vouchers What are you getting?

Making our list now.

I’m not getting anything with our vouchers until the game is announced. With the silly change to the BOM rule last year, it’s better to wait to use the vouchers until you know what you definitely need - that way you can exclude all of that from the BOM.

Especially with the $450 AndyMark and Rev vouchers.


We put together a list last year with suggestions from many of the voucher vendors and most still apply this year.

Like @Jsteel mentioned the equation has changed this year with the current BOM rules but really this change only effects teams who believe they have a chance of going over the BOM limit. For many teams that know they won’t approach the $5000 limit ordering connectors, tools, and things now is useful to be ready for the season.

Definitely getting the 10 bearings and at least one Rev hex encoder when they release them. We’re in a position where anything we order with the vouchers will probably make it into our robot anyway, so there’s not much to worry about there.

I am getting this
“The promotional code you entered is not valid for this order or has expired.”
on the inventables web site

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1293 has already snagged the ten Swyft hex bearings (because it’s the only option) and will soon order a bunch more Keystone brackets with the Digi-Key voucher (because it’s the only option we’d plausibly use).

AutomationDirect, Inventables, and REV are likely to get used after Kickoff. Though ordering a bunch of REV gussets wouldn’t be a bad use of the voucher…

You have to have over $100 in your shopping cart for the promo code to work. If you have less than a hundred you get that error message.


We got 21 pairs of flush cutters from Inventables

Automation Direct will go towards cylinders or fittings, REV will be used for limit switches, Digi-key for data port ribbon cable