KOP Weight Database?

Anyone have a spreadsheet with weights of all (or alot of) the KOP hardware? I didn’t find anything with a search except the Cyberblue link from a couple years back that doesn’t work.

If you have a bunch of rookies looking for something to do this week, maybe you could enlist them to create one.

I have re-hosted the cyberblue Data base from a couple years ago. Some of the parts will be the same/ very close. I would love to see someone update this for this year, but until then you can download it here.

I know we’ve done this every year, minus some of the lighter stuff. I, unfortunately, don’t have last year’s spreadsheet. Biff does.

Here’s what we used last year with the custom stuff removed

Base06.xls (28 KB)

Base06.xls (28 KB)

Last night, we weighed all the important stuff from this year’s kit with a digital scale. I’ll see if we can get it typed up tonight.

Does anyone have the Kit of Parts formatted in Excel?
Does anyone have the weights of the components in the Kit of Parts?


Does anybody have a list that has the weight of Everything you recieve in the Blue/Red boxes when you recive them at the Kickoff?

If so can you send me it or is it maybe in the Manual?

Ok thanks

Could You send me a Copy of that list and also does anybody Just have a quick Spreadsheet of all the Parts in the kits?

Stephen, weight all the stuff and make a spreadsheet for everyone to use. The list of parts is on the usfirst website.

cya tomorrow