Kosher food for Detroit Champs - Help


As the rules of the Cobo center prohibits any outside food that is not from the few local restaurants that have a special deal with the center, several Jewish teams and team members from Israel found themselves with no option for food during the entire competition.

Any locals out there who have knowledge of any Kosher food caterers or restaurants that we could use?

Any Jewish teams not from Israel attending?


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This is not going to directly help solve this. However, in 2016 (2015?), we had a Passover meal at Champs in St. Louis. It was coordinated by Chabad from Washington University in St. Louis but they worked with both FIRST and the venue to make it all happen and bring in food from outside sources. I hope people are able to provide you with some suggestions but I definitely would get in touch with local Chabad and Hillel groups from nearby universities and also try and talk with HQ and the venue, perhaps getting an exception to bring in outside food given the circumstances.

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Detroit has a large Jewish population centered around the Southfield and West Bloomfield suburbs of Detroit. This will be around 10 mile road, north of the Cobo convention area. This will be about 10 miles north via the Lodge freeway.

I found this list online, but have no experience with any of them. I used to live in Berkley Michigan which is next to Southfield, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the deli’s there.

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