Krispy Kreme Challenge

To continue a tradition begun last year:

The first team that scores 12 balls in the center goal during autonomous will receive a substantial reward of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Hopefully there will be no need for clarification. The rules are simple. In order to claim the delicious distinction of having won this years Krispy Kreme Challenge, the following must be true of your team and robot:

  1. Your robot must have shot 12 or more balls through the center goal during a single autonomous period.

  2. This must occur during an official match (non-practice matches).

  3. All official game rules must be adhered to (i.e. no extra starting balls).

  4. There must be proof of this glorious event (in other words, I must see it in person, or on video).

  5. The winning team must be willing to share some of their piquant prize with their alliance partner, who, in all probability, generously donated the extra balls that were eventually shot through the center goal.

Good luck to all. I hope that the Krispy Kreme Challenge is not out of reach this year.


(You’ll find me hanging around Team 118 in Galileo)

ORIGINAL: Section, Rule G13

Balls Contained in ROBOTs at the Start of a match - Each ALLIANCE will start a match with 40 balls. Each ROBOT may contain ***up to 10 balls *** at the start of a match. Any balls not contained within the robot will be evenly distributed between the alliance ball corrals.

So unless an alliance partner loads the team in autonomous mode, your challenge is impossible as it breaks a game rule for starting conditions. Was that intentional? I mean, it might barely be possible if the team works with their alliance partner before the match and somehow coordinates their autonomous modes perfectly…

If a RampCamper robot were to get on the ramp in autonomous and one of the his alliance partners missed a couple of shots they could land inside his hopper allowing that robot to score more then 10 balls.

I think the Triplets could do it. They have the Auto programmers, the collaboration time to make the auton modes match and the shooter speed. Think about it, 1 triplet in position 1 drives backward dumping balls, while the other in pos 2 drives forward picking up and shooting balls. It could work given enough tries, but 1680 and 1114 may not even have one Q match together.

Does it count if you turn around an opposing robot who then scores goals for your alliance?

so who won?

I don’t believe anyone did, but hey, who capped a vision tetra using the camera?

During the Newton elim’s and on Einstein, 195 could have reversed their rollers into 968 while they continued to shoot, and potentially gotten 20 balls up, but they would never have time to perfectly coordinate their coding.

We did. Search before you post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, no one ever capped center. I forgot that you guys did get the sides using the camera.

I would still give the krispie creames to 968 and 195. Come on it was pretty sweet when 195 filled 968 up in the finals on Newton. The should get the Krispies for just doing that. :slight_smile:

I remember when we were in the pits trying this out. You should have seen all of our faces. Worked better in the pits but you know what, under perfect conditions you don’t truly know what can happen. It was a nice secret that beyond pits and drive everyone didn’t know about, until it happened.

Actually, this strategy was originall thought up by 177 and 195 during the UTC regional. We talked about how sweet it would be if they spit a ton of balls into our rollers and then we shot them all up high. We never got a chance to try it out, but I’m glad 195 got a chance to use the “A-Bomb” successfully, even if they beat us with it :stuck_out_tongue:

When I saw that happen I first thought man, 195 is malfunctioning at the worst time :eek: . Then I realized that 968 was getting filled up and said what an unbeilivble play.

The reason i found it so amazing is because I asked one of my team members there to go and see how capable that a few teams would be of doing that. And then when i saw it I was amazed at how well it worked out (even if it wasn’t our alliance that did it)

Now can we do this at IRI and get the donuts?
if not we want to try it anyway :smiley: