Krispy Kreme truck stolen...

Krispy Kreme truck leaves donut trail

So… do you think Dave has an alibi for this past weekend? Or was it stolen by crazy FIRST teenagers trying to find any scrap of evidence of a clue? Or do you think the police pulled an inside job (Law and Order: Donut intent)?


Police believe this man to be the suspect. John Nuen AKA “Der Noiner” or goes by “Pete Best” was last scene racing in 5th place at Harrisburg Sportatorium. If you see this man, he may be armed with a box of donuts. Please use caution and ask what he knows about the Beatles, then contact your local authorities.



Hmmm…maybe he realized it would just be easier than trying to fit all those donuts in a Mustang. :wink:

Perhaps they were planning on holding the Krispy Kreme donuts ranson until Dave gives out more clues! :stuck_out_tongue: Remember, never underestimate the determination of thousands of FIRST students!

You never can underestimate what may happen here in Pennsylvania during the second week of deer camp!!! :eek:


Why, hello officer. Truck? What truck? I don’t see any truck…

I spotted it, caught on to Dave’s little heist, and reported it…
I’m waiting for my reward from KK, a lifetime supply of KK donuts. Jealous now Dave?
He was heading Northeast toward FIRST HQ in NH and he repainted the truck.

Sneaky Dave, very sneaky…

Finally, the clue!

Next year’s game: Herding Turkeys.

Oh my…I can see it now…robots with claws trying to gather up turkeys…
What a sight…wow…
I’m scared now. Honestly.

My accusation: Dave in the kitchen with the monkey wrench. It’s so simple. He used the wrench to break into the truck. I figured this out because he’s always building stuff, so he must keep a wrench on him at all times (it’s practically law ;)). Then, he drove it all the way back to his kitchen where he is currently holding them in a freezer for future consumption. I know this because Dave Lavery is the head of the board for KKA (Krispy Kreme Anonymous), and therefore (also by law), he must have enough room in his freezer to accomidate at least one-year’s supply of Krispy Kremes. I hope he has a good lawyer, because this case is practically open and shut. :smiley:

Eh, at least Dunkin Donuts security is top notch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes of course because you would need a wrench to get into an open truck, that is running,

dude it is soo Colonel Musterd in the board room with the candle stick


And guess what is being served at the team party after the competition? :smiley:

Why would Dave let anyone else eat his hard-earned donuts? Seriously now, if he went through all that trouble to get a truck-load of donuts, do you really think that he would give any away? :smiley:

I thought she meant turkey…

But I also cannot have you maligning Dave. Dave is very generous with his donuts and willingly shares them. See, here’s a photo of Dave offering donuts . And the donuts he got for his birthday , if you look ahead a few pictures, you’ll see that he shared those too. :slight_smile:

Now, maybe he is so generous with his donuts because he knows that the more people he gets addicted to Krispy Kreme donuts, the more chance there is that someone will always have them on hand, or it could be that he really is a nice, kind, sweet, person who just has to share what he feels it the nectar of the gods with other mere mortals, however, that is neither here nor there… The only thing that is here (and there) is that Dave is not a donut hoarder.


Yes, I did mean turkey :stuck_out_tongue:

So come on Dave. Where are those hints? Crazy FIRSTers are just going to continue stealing Krispy Kreme trucks until you give us hints!! Muahahaha

Never underestimate the power of curious and impatient FIRSTers :wink:

Okay, so I missed that. :o

I have no doubt that that could be true. if you look at the way he manipulates us here with all of his “false” “clues”, he could very well be trying to never have to buy a donut again.

On the other hand, he might read this, and then decide to try to never have to buy a donut again, so we should be careful what we say. :slight_smile:

Simple: the back doors were open, but in those kind of trucks, generally, there is no connection between the front cabin and the rear cargo hold (gotta keep the donuts refrigerated). So he locked the front, and Dave broke in. DUH! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m still going with Dave in the kitchen with the monkey wrench. :cool:

seriously officer…I build Krispy Kreme trucks for a living…I’m just taking this one really fast to 'em so your dough nuts are hot and fresh!!!

Here officer, nobody will miss these. shoves a bow of donuts into the officer’s hands Can I go deliver the rest now?

We all know that Dave had good intentions in taking those donuts. He was probibly was stealing those Donuts to build the 2110 game field, Derilict Donuts! Oh yeah, and it’s water-based too :slight_smile: