Krunch 79 on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition date released

Ok I just found out that the show ill air on May 1st and the following night May 2nd will be the Howd They Do That Show and we should be involved in both shows. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!!!

sounds great, ill try to remember to watch.

Wow! Sounds very cool. Congrats on being involved in that. See you on TV!

For all of you who did not see my previous post, ABC contacted our team and told us that the show will be airing on May 1st at 8 PM EST along with May 2nd at 8 PM EST for the Howd They Do That show. For anyone local to the tampa area there will be a pre-show on May 1st at 7 PM EST.

stupid question…but what are you getting made over?

They aren’t getting made over–they’re doing the making over.

hmm preshow @ 7 pm?..should be fun to watch…

oh, so they are the lucky ones who get to help tear down the house…sounds like fun. i’ll be sure to watch it, i watch that show every now and then. last night they had a woman who adopted 3 children with AIDS and she had cancer, and they got a hhhuuugggeee art room equippted with 3 potters wheels and a kiln (swoons)…its a great show, can’t wait to see it :]

ya i saw that one too!!! I cant wait, there is only 12 days till the show!!!


The show is now from 8-10 PM on May 1st because ABC has decided to make the show a 2 hour special. So, if you are local you can watch from 7-10 because of the local show. And watch Howd They Do That on Monday, May 2nd at 8-9 PM.

One of my favorite shows AND a it has something to do with FIRST! Can’t wait to see what you guys did with the house :slight_smile:

NOOOOOOO!!! When will your part air? I support FIRST, but frankly, I’ve been waiting 3 years to see Family Guy come back, and there will be a new episode of American Dad…

Well, there is this nifty little invention called a VCR…

I’m just bumping this thread up to remind all that Krunch 79 will be in the Home Makeover tonight at 6-8 P.M. Central Time on ABC.

There will also be a How’d They Do That show tomorrow night from 7-8 P.M. Central Time.

FYI, FIRST has placed this in their news section on Check it out and watch the show to support FRC Team 79.

I will be watching tonight, can’t wait

I am going to tape it because I know that I won’t be home to see it but I’m excited to see what team 79 can do.

I love Extreme Makeover Home, I will be watching tonight. I wonder if the child will become a member of a FIRST team?

watching the pre-show, i just saw some 79ers cutting/assembling/modifying the kit chassis at the building site. i’ve seen some creative uses of the kit bot, but this oughta be interesting…

Just started guys! 2 hour special, so it will be over before Family Guy begins!