KSC archive video

Posted by Alan Federman at 03/02/2001 6:47 PM EST

Engineer on team #255, Odyssey, from Foothill HS, San Jose and NASA.

This is a surestream Real Media file at 28 to 200K.

Unfortunately the vcr and reception on the tv set was poor so the video was difficult to encode.

General comments on what I saw - I lot of teams were having traction/torque issues. There was one match with
both goals balanced. Very hard for one robot to balance
even a single goal by itself - much easier if ‘helper’
steadies the goal. I predict the scores will be higher Sat. as teams disgest what happened today. Also almost
all the robots I saw went over the bridge at KSC I saw only 2 robots go through/over the barrier - I saw about
20 of the 60 matches played. The high score was ~370 I saw one 264 and one 164. Lots of teams were missing the 15 second mark by 2 to 4 seconds.