KSC Recap

Saw alot of surprises today at Kennedy Space Center Regional. Out of a field of 46 about 5 teams that can pick up and dump 10+ balls in an effective time. A group of about 10 double goal handlers. Standouts included team 86(ball handler) and 267 Demolition Squad. Who could grab two goals VERY quickly then switched to a torque system and were almost unstoppable. The remainder of the field is composed of a mix of goal/ball handlers. Practices encompassed every aspect of the game, goal handling, ball dumping, tugs of war, and extending “arms” to the endzone. Since we are the local team we will be availble this weekend to answer any questions you may have about competition.

p.s. during our last practice, team #21 ComBBAT, grabbed three goals and an opposing robot and parked in the goalzone in about 25 seconds. We are not sure about VCU but we were the first at KSC just wondering :wink:

Wish all the teams out there luck,

R.J. Simpson ComBBAT #21:cool:

RJ made me post this. Go ComBBAT!

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Most of the robots at ksc have great potential, methinks. Its going to come down to the little things. A split second between scoring with a goal, or watching your opponent rip it just out of your reach.

I noticed several robots that were soo close to equal. Two teams(I forget who it was) were in a bit of a tugging match, both gaining a few feet then loosing all they had gained, then back again. In this situation, just a few more lbs. of torque could really end up mattering.

Its going to be a good one.

ps-Good luck to everyone at their reigonals…the way ksc is going, it seems that you might need it.

It will be great if you guys can take a few pictures of robots over at KSC, and post them in the regional section of the gallery…

Also, if you don’t mind, can some of you do a post telling us how it’s like at the KSC regional, how’s the competition over there, and about the teams…

The web cast is coming along really slowly, so it would be great if we get some inside sources like last year.

I’m gonna be there tomorrow and saturday! I can’t wait. I just hope my team (86) does well. :slight_smile: Best of luck to all the teams.

Well 86 is deffinately one of the top ball handlers. As for the competition, I think a few teams were holding back to save thier robots we’ll try to post our scouting report on here tomarrow.