KTLA Education Special features FIRST

This past Saturday at 9pm pacific time, there was an education special called,
"Learning Curves: Plotting Success for L.A. Schools " on KTLA.

A large portion of this program was of HighTechHigh-LA and FRC Team 4 Element. The video demonstrates how FIRST can contribute to the futures of students and also builds problem solving skills. They describe FIRST Robotics as a varsity sport of the mind. In the beginning of the clip as well as towards the end of the clip FIRST robotics is shown as well as some clips of the Los Angeles Regional. (The video can be found on the homepage of our team website www.team4element.com )

We have made Robotics a large factor in our school. We are proud to say that we were able to contribute to spreading the message of FIRST by expressing how FIRST can influence our futures.

Just today, it was announced that another news team from the United Kingdom has said that they will be visiting our school this Friday to film us for a documentary on education. We will definitely be taking this opportunity to talk more about how great FIRST is! :smiley: