Kudo's from V-Force #184

Posted by Mike Gusta.

Engineer on team #184, V-Force, from Fordson H.S. and Visteon.

Posted on 3/27/2000 10:31 AM MST

I’d like to extend my congratulations to the WildStang, ChiefDelphi and TechnoCats teams on your victory, and thank Truck Town Terror and the Bomb Squad for giving us the opportunity to play ‘Monkey in the Middle’ at the Big Dance.

A further thank-you goes out to all teams that competed in the Midwest regional for ‘raising the bar’. The caliber of competition has elevated significantly since the Great Lakes regional, and the Nationals are sure to be top-notch this year-

My final thanks go out to the FIRST crew for making this all possible, and for designing a game complex and difficult enough to really INSPIRE creativity-

Mike Gusta - V-Force #184