KYBots - Team 2669 Israel](

liron(Tottanka) already published our website here, but I have some questions and I want you to help me with this :smiley:

First, What are the specific criterions that the “testers” will examine?
and What is more important like : Content is more important than the design or anything else.

The second thing is that I’d like to know what content will be good should I add?

I know I’ll add page with safety rules, and page with information about the team’s awards and maybe about the team’s ambitions for this year’s competition, and some more little ideas, so if anyone has an idea for us I’d like to hear it and maybe use it.

Last thing, What do you think about the website now?
after I changed some things when I heard some opinions.

Thank You, Valery

the website is at:

ya sorry I forgot to give the link -_-

you should keep in mind that some people cant see certain color combinations as well as others

“contrast ratios”

such as the gray backround and the “darkish” lettering…

just an observation

good luck this year:D

IC and now when I think about this there are screens that their default or custom colors are very dark and they will see it bad to.
I’ll talk with my partners in this little project and maybe we’lll change it.

Thank you for the opinion

I like the design, but why did you decide using phpnuke? dont you wanna build your website by your own? (Its not an agressive tone if you thought so :slight_smile: )
Btw, any question you have, anything you need just send us an email in our site.

The Spikes.

I don’t know PHP or ASP only HTML and we prefer to build the site on nuke and it’s easier, The important thing is the content.