L.A. Area Team Needs Driver Station by Friday

Hi, all. Not sure where to put this since CD-Swap seems kind of less urgent, so apologies in advance.

I’m from team 1197 (Torrance, CA - near the elbow of the 405, at the southern end of the 110 Fwy), and we broke our Driver Station back in Las Vegas and have been unable to find a replacement. We have a demo Friday afternoon and we’re in kind of a dilemma.

Are any L.A.-area teams willing to let us borrow a Driver Station from April 16/17th (before noon on Friday) until April 27th? We are in the South Bay area - unfortunately, we can only travel within a 10-mile radius to pick it up (student driver), but we can arrange a drop-off at any time.

Thanks in advance!

If you just need a drivers station for a demo, you might want to try downloading Dave Flowerday’s Virtural DS. There is a thread about it here and the latest version can be downloaded here.

Hey Torbots,
Unfortunately I think most teams will be out this weekend in Atlanta, but it wouldn’t hurt to get in touch with Nancy McIntyre and ask her to send out a blast email to all team heads. The VDS might be a good option for this week. Good luck!