L&N STEMpunks Website


Hi CD,
We’ve been pretty dilligently working on our team’s website for about a month here and we’re really proud of it and decided to post it.

We use Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 to build our site. We’re still working on cross-browser support (mainly on our landing page) but at this point it’s content complete.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about our website here. We would also love any suggestions you might have.




I really like the overall look (and its consistency) and the content.

On your legal page, the correct term is actually “copyrighted”, not “copywritten”.


Thanks for the heads up!


I will second the great look of the web site. It loads fast and is easy to read.



Excellent layout hope ours looks like that one day…a year at at time.


Your programming team uses Python?



Github is here: https://github.com/ln-stempunks/

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


One thing I noticed was there was no organization on the Photos page. You might want to break it down by year and event.

Also, there’s some strange and non-sense photos on your team’s Flickr, you might want to look into having some rules in place on what is allowed to be uploaded to the team flickr account. It seems like someone just uploaded whatever was on their SD card instead of going through and choosing the best photos.

But despite that, really awesome website. It looks clean, and scales well from desktop and phone. Great job!


The photos page is maybe my least favorite page to the website. It’s hard to find a decent solution to host locally that works across all devices. As a result, we use FlickrIt which lets us embed our Flickr photostream to that page.

We mostly use our Flickr as somewhere to backup our photos, we decided to include it on the website since we often are asked for photos by others at our school or in the community. Since we upload a lot of photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, those are our outlets for our more curated photos.

It also comes down to the fact that we take a lot of photos (ex. this season has nearly 3,000 photos and we actually haven’t uploaded in a while) so curating every single photo would be a massive hassle.

Thank your for your feedback! I’m going to keep this in mind and look for other solutions for our photos page.