LA Regional question

Can anyone share what the venue for the Los Angeles Regional is like. I see that it will be held at Davinci Science HS and has likely maximum team capacity of about 42 assuming typical hold back of 10 teams. Typical high school gym set up?


Speaking of LA regionals, what happened to the Week 1 LA North event? It no longer shows up on the FIRST website.

Hi! My name is Garret and I’m a senior at Da Vinci Science. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions! The regional will be held in the gym. The gym is divided into three areas, each with two volleyball courts or one basketball court.

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The practice field will be held in a room called the sandbox. Here’s a path from the gym to the sandbox:
(Google Maps is outdated so don’t worry about tugging your robot cart through the dirt)


The details are still being sorted out so I might not be able to answer every question. The website ( will be updated as well in the future. :slight_smile:

Parking is typically free and I don’t foresee anybody setting up a stand to try and charge for it. I’m not sure if the pits are going to be in the blackbox or sandbox of the main school building, in the gym, or dispersed between the three. You might have a walk to the field.

Costco and their fantastically priced/decent quality food court is a few blocks if you aren’t already sick of Costco pizza from build season, and there’s a plaza just down the street with Starbucks, Noah’s bagels, Subway, poke, etc. School organizations might set up their own food stands, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

This area has a ton of awesome niche food and drinks too. Some of my favorite coffee and burritos are right by the venue.


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I, for one, am incredibly excited for the 2020 Los Angeles regional!


This alone is the best reason to attend this event.

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And better pizza than Costco in the same plaza. My apologies for the discussion of pizza that is about to follow.

(I work down the street. My coworkers and I know just about every multi-option food place between the 105 freeway and Rosecrans Blvd north-south, and I405 to Sepulveda east-west.)

I’m interested to see how it plays out, and it’s definitely on my “be there or be a non-round 4-sided equilateral shape” list for this year.


Can confirm, have consumed those slighly expensive pizza rectangles multiple times during build season and summer camp.

The Sandbox looks like where you guys set up your field currently–is that correct?

And two “silly” questions: What’s the approximate seating capacity of the gym, and does it have AC?

I know it’s brand new, but “inquiring minds” and all that.


The sandbox is where our practice field is at. This field will most likely be the practice field for the teams during the regional (subject to change). The match field will most likely be in the gym. For seating, I think we’re getting bleachers (I don’t know how many). I can check later in a few hours with my Principal to ask if the gym has AC.

Thanks for helping out with questions! (Please come visit us in advisory. We already miss our seniors lol)

il Romanista is a good pizzeria that’s nearby the venue.
829 N Douglas St, El Segundo, CA 90245

I dropped a hint there a couple weeks back that they might want to brace for madness (or even find it worth opening on a Saturday, which they don’t normally) but didn’t say when. Thought about saying tonight when I was there for dinner but the owner wasn’t there. That’s exactly what Troy and I were both referring to.

I may or may not be semi-addicted to il Romanista pizza…YMTC on that.

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You might want to tell the other restaurants as well lol

As a senior at Da Vinci Science and a member of Team 4201, there are a few things that I think people should know.

1.) Restaurants are probably not as close as people think. Compared to a convention center, the restaurants are much farther away. As Garret already mentioned, the pizza place by the Noahs Bagels is very good, and it has a lot of veggie/vegan options for those who have those kinds of food requirements.

2.) Troy mentioned parking. It is free, for the most part. There are probably some places that will be very annoyed with you if you park in their lots without giving them service (i.e buying their food/product/etc). Parking by the school is minimal. It probably sets a world record for smallest high school parking lot. I’m probably exaggerating but as a student who has to drive out of the parking lot every day, it feels very cramped. Just be mindful of the other teams when parking your trailer.

3.) Unless you’re going to be feeding the entire team, DONT GET COSTCO PIZZA. It isn’t that good If you’re feeding youself, IL Romanista and Blaze pizza work fine. However, in my personal opinion, One Poke is the best place to get food for yourself. Best Make-it-yourself sushi place in the area. There’s also an L&L and Honey Boba on Rosecrans and the 405 Freeway entrance so thats a good place to go. Additionally, there’s a chipotle across the street frome there.

In short, anybody can get their food fix.

4.) The sandbox is small once the field is in there. I don’t know if they will be moving them out, but there are weights in there for crossfit (the last time I went in there) so I would try and avoid those. Also, there are lots of supports that come out of the floor and hang low so please mind your head as you walk through (especially when trying to avoid people and robots)

As for the machine shop, I do not know if the portable machine shop is coming or if we’re going to have alumni and mentors machine parts in our machine shop on the second floor. I may be able to get back to people on that if they send me a direct message.

That’s all I have to say until people ask questions. I hope you enjoy the LA Regional!

Thanks for roasting our school’s parking lot lol

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