La Regional Robots

I am starting this thread to find the teams competing at the Los Angeles regional and their robot.

4 Team 4 ELEMENT
294 Beach Cities Robotics
330 Beach Bots
383 Brazilian Machine
580 RoboticVikes
589 FalKON
597 Wolverines
599 Robodox
606 Cyber Eagles
687 The Nerd Herd
691 HartBurn
696 Circuit Breakers
702 Bagel Bytes
973 Greybots
974 Nautae
980 ThunderBots
995 Monkey Wrenchers
1138 Eagle Engineering
1148 H-W
1197 TorBots
1438 The A Team
1515 MorTorq
1644 The Robo-Skunks
1692 CougarBots
1717 D’Penguineers
1759 Eagles
1836 Milken Knights
2404 TNT
2429 La Canada Engneerng Cub
2576 Chilean Heart
2637 Panthers
2659 RoboWarriors
2919 Night Wolves
3027 Seraphim Systems
3120 RoboKnights
3295 Poly Techs
3309 Friarbots
3408 Killa-Byte Cubs
3512 Spartatroniks
3521 Noble Nuts
3677 Don Bots
3752 Roaring Robo-Panthers
3851 The Short Circuits
3863 Pantherbotics
3925 Circuit of Life
3934 Perfect Pirouettes
3952 DesTROYers
3993 Hart Hybrids (Super Heroes)
4019 Mechanical Paradise
4029 SpartanBots
4046 Schrodinger’s Dragons
4078 Warriors
4079 RobEn
4101 St. Francis High School
4123 BOM Bots (Beta Omicron Mu Bots)
4140 BOLTS
4141 Robotic Monarchs
4144 Semi con-duck-tors
4170 What The FRaC
4201 Vitruvian Bots
4210 Jaguars
4345 Auto Pilots

1515 MorTorq:](

I don’t think any of my students are on CD, but they have pics and video of our bot prebag. All I can post is the name.

Don Bots 2012 robot: Magic DONson

Do you have a video on Youtube or a photo on you Team website?

I will get the kids to get something together. We took this week off after bag day.


We’re so excited for LA! We’re getting in a day early. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do within walking distance of the stadium, or at least easily on public transportation?

The Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is across the street from the stadium on the ocean side and about a block to the right (west).

shaping up to be a fun regional

The LA regional always is fun and the best part of the regional is the elimination tournament everyone gets pumped up and is into the matches.

Here, my friend got a video of Team 4201’s bot.

Team 4201’s Robot