LA REgional & Senator

Senator Bowen is a great supporter of our team. Her office just called to see how we did in Phoenix. Of course I was able to tell her we won the 2nd highest award, the Engineering Inspiration Award.

Her assistant said it looks like the Senator’s calendar is clear for her to attend the Saturday 4/5 Awards ceremonies.

Senator Bowen wow thats cool … i wonder wut that means tho … News Coverage? … Higher Security? … A section of front row chairs cleared out for her? … Shaking her hand … talking to her hahahahaha one way or another its cool maybe ill get to meet her :]


Senator Boxer has also been contacted by the Hammes-Gold family’s political contacts. She’s scheduled to be in LA the week of the regional, and her people expressed some interest in coming to the event.

I also heard that Rep. Lofgren of San Jose will most likely be attending SVR. Jim or Jon Lawton might have more information about that.