LA Robotics: Day at the Beach for Summer Aerospace Games

LA Robotics invites SoCal robotics teams to play in the 2017 Aerospace Summer Games!

Where: Dockweiler Beach (near LAX)
When: Sat July 29 8 am - 4 pm

Event official website: 2017 Aerospace Summer Games

Play soccer, volleyball, tug-o-war, etc. with aerospace engineers from organizations like SpaceX, Boeing, NASA/JPL, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and many more!

There is no entry fee. Participants need to buy an LA Robotics shirt for just $6.

For more information and registration, please visit:
LA Robotics at 2017 Aerospace Summer Games

The Milkenknights are really excited to be attending the Aerospace games!! Should be a great oppurtunity to network with potential mentors, sponsors, develop connections to nearby companies, and just have a great time at the beach!

I was told that we were supposed to just wear white shirts. What’s the situation with these new ones? Where do we buy them/how do we make sure to have all of them for our team by the day of the games?

Just kidding, I actually hit the new link and noticed that we buy them at the event.

Excited to see and have fun with everyone at the Aerospace games!

Thanks for sharing, David!

I competed at this as an FRC student with my old team and have been doing it the last 3 years with companies.

I’ll be there this year with SpaceX, stop by and say hi everyone!

Can’t, I’m on shift that weekend. :frowning: (Five years running… :mad:)

So excited for this awesome opportunity this Saturday! Looks like a cool group of teams coming (Eileen sent me some google form results or something), and if anyone wants to take advantage of the cool meetup opportunity I’d love to trade some 1836 shirts! Also, I am working on getting a stream setup for FOC so if anyone wants to check it out (or just hear my team cheering for 973) that will likely be happening.

See you all Sunday!

My team and I had an awesome time at the Aerospace games with members of teams 4, 980, 2485, 5124, 687, and probably some others I’m forgetting as well as the whole LA Robotics administrative crew. Special shoutout to Liam for being Liam. It was a pleasure catching up with those I knew and meeting even more of the people who help make LA Robotics as awesome as it is. Although we came in second to last place, we had a great time and my team and I are really excited to come back in future years and further develop those connections/get pegged with even more dodgeballs!

We came in second to last, which was still much better than expected and had a blast even tying in some events!

Thanks to David, Amanda, Eileen, and the whole LA Robotics crew for putting together and inviting 1836 to this awesome event!

Thanks everyone for an amazing day! There’s nothing like playing a sponsor in a game of beach dodgeball.