La school strike

Just checking to see if this is affecting teams this year.

Thanks for your concern, but if you don’t mind: Is the cold weather affecting teams in your area this year?

It was up to 0 yesterday, that’s not cold.


Didn’t see a positive Fahrenheit temperature between St. Joe and Indy until after sunrise today. That just makes the snow a little squeaky crunchy under the boots – nothing out the ordinary. Eric has more than just a little experience with this kind of weather, his current warm climate address not withstanding.

Is a teacher strike just another force of nature, like a snowstorm? Wildfire? Hurricane? No, I don’t think so. We live in a democratic society, capable of effecting political change.

But the wheels of political change do turn slowly. Glacially, even. They sometimes make me wonder whether we’re going to fix things or just wait for the next ice age.