Lab Reservation/Signup Form/App/Website

I was wondering if any teams have found and are utilizing an effective reservation system for students to use to sign up to attend lab sessions. Our team is currently limiting the number of people allowed in our lab space at one time and are looking at a reservation system that isn’t just a google sheet or form.

Are there any apps out there that other teams use? Looking for free or paid options

Thanks in advance

What functionality are you looking for? i.e. why doesn’t a google sheet meet your needs

Our team used sign-up genius when we were at limited capacity. Leadership came every day and we had a first-come-first-serve signup per subteam. Note that our team had just gone through an explosion in membership from around 25 to over 100 members, so we were mostly rookies. In our programming subteam, we added a rule in which rookies signed up every other meeting so that they could all get enough time training, I would recommend this.

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I prefer not to use a google sheet as then anyone can overwrite someone’s name. Yes there are logs but realistically who is going to go through that…

If your kids are using Canvas for classes, there is an ‘appointment group’ feature in the calendar that allows a limited number of people to select a spot at an event. Multiple appointment groups can be set up at different timeslots.
A teacher would need to set this up, and have all kids added to a class in Canvas.

If you use a Google Form, you can have that post to a sheet automatically. I am told you can then use that as the database for an active webpage, but I have not uet had time to play with that. It may be another option.

The FUN Pick’Em site works using this. Picks are entered on Google Forms which automatically populates a Google Sheet. The site then pulls a csv version of the sheet and reads that to get its data. It was a bit annoying to get working but not terrible; I’m sure it’d be a lot easier if you actually know web design.

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My team hasn’t had to limit capacity, but whenever we need to poll who will be in on certain days, we use GroupMe, make separate messages for each option, and have the members “like” which days they are available. It’s a pretty crude way of doing it, but for a relatively small team like mine it works.

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