Lab view HELP!!!!!

Today we got the cRio to finally flash so we continued on with the tests. as soon as we clicked on the link to start labview it loaded the Vi’s and then went straight to a screen. it never showed the getting started screen. I then proceded to click view then getting started window but it said “Failed to start Getting Started” or something along those lines.

Did you open up the driver station vi?

You have to open up labview to write your program. On my computer I get to labview from start, programs, national instraments, Labview 8.6, LabView

If the error comes up again can you take a screen shot of it and post it up.

im sorry i left out a couple of details. we are a veterian team and we are not using our classmate to develop code. that is the way i open up lab view also

what is the current image on the c-rio?

it loaded the Vi’s and then went straight to a screen

Do you mean it went directly to an Untitled VI? If so there are a couple version numbers that would be helpful.

  1. Help>>About LabVIEW… - what version do you have?
  2. Help>>About First Robotics Competition Software… - what version do you have?

i think it went straight to a untitled Vi Doug. but i am not sure. i dont have the pc with me currently but we do have a meeting saturday and that is when i can get version numbers and things like that