Lab View HELP!!!


Our team is at a stand still!

WE have most of the robot built and ready to drive but are having MAJOR problems with LABVIEW. (We are a rookie team)

We can get the link on the electrical to blink but the program shows no programs available.

and… when we go back to Labview it doesn’t open or nto there. We get this error message.

Windows 7 CRASH

I would love to talkto someone about this. PLEASE help!! Our team is in direr need.


What kind of computer are you using? It sounds like you might need to reinstall at least LabVIEW, and possibly Windows as well.

We are runnign it on the KOP computer. Still no luck.
Any thoughts?

Thanks so much

Building on what Allan said,

Spend an hour and redo the steps detailed here: Getting Started.
Tip: when reimaging the KOP computer, put the USB stick into the USB hub, then plug the USB hub into the computer.
Tip: Don’t run the anti-virus stuff, do activate your WIN7 as described in the instructions.

Make sure you have fixed your DB37 cable as described here: DB37 fix.
Tip: fix the male end of the DB37 cable, not the female end. The female end tends to crush in the vise.

Make sure you have installed the Labview, Utilities, and Driver Station updates (in that order) linked on the bottom of this page: Software updates, bottom of this page.
Tip: Be sure you unzip the update AND THEN run the setup in the unzipped directory.

Do not install anything else on your KOP computer other than what is described above, and follow all the steps as described above. Do not use your KOP computer for anything other than working on your robot. Use it as a driver station, yes. Use it to develop software for your robot, if you have to (it’s slow). Use it to play online games, never.

If you are still having a problem, post the details of the problem back here and we can try to solve them. I’ve followed the steps above for about 30 teams now, without fail.