Lab View

I was just wondering if anyone would let us see/give us instructions for using lab view. We are a slightly newer team and have been using easy C and had no clue how to use lab view:confused: Any help is appreciated :]

The LabVIEW forum here on Chief Delphi has links to some excellent resources.

National Instruments’s website also has quite a bit of information.

It all depends on what you’re trying to do. I’m assuming that since you’re posting on chief delphi you’re using the LabVIEW package that came with the robot kit - 2 of those 4 discs contain solely learning resources. The discs are entitled ‘LabVIEW Basics’ 1 & 2. If you install these, they’ll contain a series of tutorials to get you introduced to the concept of using LabVIEW. That’s as far as I can get you for how to use LabVIEW in general, but if you have a more specific question feel free to ask.


Check out this thread.

I’m glad to see you’re interested in using LabVIEW. I would like to just add one thing to keep in mind while you’re learning how to use LabVIEW - LabVIEW is a generic programming language! Everything you can do in C, you can do in LabVIEW, just the programming constructs are different (as they are in most languages). LabVIEW is graphical in nature, which means instead of having to use a clunky toolkit to get graphics or basic objects output to the screen, LabVIEW gives you the ability to generate a GUI natively as a part of developing your software. Taylort gave a link to a couple applications written for LabVIEW, but I definitely recommend you start simple and check out the LabVIEW Basics 1 & 2 provided in your LabVIEW kit like Jimmy suggested. And, if you have ANY questions about LabVIEW, come on over to the LabVIEW area on these forums and ask away!


In case anyone is wondering, the tutorial CDs will work on Linux if you open the file “interface.swf” in Flash or a browser with the Flash plugin installed (the executable will also work through Wine, but it doesn’t perform as well as through native Flash).