Labeling things in Configuration window

I am from the rookie team T.E.R.T.O.L.A. We are having an issue on programming our robot. We are unsure how to label the sensors and motors for the controller configuration window. How in the world do we label them?? :confused: Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


If you are using EasyC, thenโ€ฆ hit F5.

do you need anymore help?

I know i have to hit F5, its that window that confuses me, like. Can i get a rundown on how to label it on there? how do i know its on and working and such.

See the columns with the arrows and #'s, and the columns with 3 circles and numbers, those match all the different pins on the controller, so all you have to do is look to see what is plugged in on your controller and click on the box next to the set of pins it matches and type it in.
P.S. that window has nothing to do with programming its just there to help you if you accidently unplug everything.