Labtops In Player Stations?

Is it against the rules to have a labtop in player station? :confused: Please could someone answer this for me. Thanx and Good luck!

i think its legal if you are going to run a dashboard program on it

We have that program that keeps score from team 599 Robo Dox that we wanted to use to have a up to date score.

you might wanna check the q&a section for that


it says they can be used as long as they are not used as a communication device to people in the stands

ok cool thank you, Im glad you found it I couldn’t.

What if the laptop was used to run a dashboard program and communicated the info to another laptop in the stands…just so the people in the stands could observe the dashboard?

i believe then it would be a communication device, which is disallowed…

last year the Canadian Regional didn’t allow, or no one tried…

it can only run something as a dashboard effect you are not allowed to have communication to the stands or to the robot on the field

I beleive you are allowed to have it communicating to the robot, due to some people who like to have video camera’s on their robot, and they feed it back and display onto the laptop.

You are specifically prohibited from feeding video back to the player station. IIRC, you can have a camera which provides a video source to the arena video system (the big screen) with the permission of the event organizers, but not in any way that would giv your team a strategic advantage.

You can however use a laptop for a dashboard display, as long as no data travels from the laptop to the robot (it can travel from robot to laptop).

sorry forgot about that ya you are aloud to have a camera having a read out but cant be more then 900mhz thanks ragin

we had a laptop in many of our matches last year at nealry all of the regionals that we went to. it ran our dashboard program which had audio feedback to earphones that the drivers were wearing so that they didnt haveto take their eyes off the field to know what the dashboard was telling them. it was a pretty god system (when it worked)! hope this helps ya out

that is hot… I wonder why our team never thought of that.

well when we were at the UTC regional in hartford we brought a laptop up and used the dashboard program to get readings for our autonomous, and the refs didn’t say anything.