labveiw flashdrive?

Our programmer from last year misplaced our labveiw flashdrive. Is their an easy way to get ahold of the software if we cant find it.?

There’s not really an “easy” way, but the simple way would be to ask other nearby teams if you could borrow theirs. My list of team locations isn’t working properly for Michigan at the moment, so I can’t give you any immediate pointers, sorry.

I would check their house. That seems like the most common place programmers “Misplace” the software. But the easiest way of getting a copy is like Alan said find a nearby team.

I always create an ISO image of the software as one of the first things after pulling it from the KOP. Much easier to keep track of my laptop with the image on it.

You can download the driver station, FRC Image, Labview ect from national instruments site

We do this as well (all the ISOs go on our network share) but I had some trouble with the labview flash drive. The drive is a USB virtual CDROM drive, but most tools I tried (ImgBurn) were not able to image it. Eventually I found some tool that was able to do it – I believe it worked in a less sophisticated way – but I don’t remember the name.

Is there a simpler process for imaging the flash drive that I’m unaware of?

I’ve got a copy of the LabVIEW flash drive. I can talk to our team’s web guy and see if we could host it on our FTP for you to download.

Thanks for the responses everyone, I will be contacting our local neighbors to find out if they have their drives so we can get kids up and running. I am trying to get all of our students to make use of this forum for information as it has been a life saver for me the last few years. Thanks for all of your awesome support!

-If any of the Grand Rapids area teams see this that use C or Java it would be great to borrow your drive as you probably won’t be using it in the near future too-

Thanks again!

This may be too late, but I think you might be able to download all necessary software from National Instruments if your programmer last year made an account (and still remembers the username and password).

There was a thread about this not too long ago.

You could always try PMing one the people from that thread who had a viable solution, and see if they could give you a hand.