LabView 2012 FRC DVD in NYC?

Our team (4263) seems to have misplaced the DVD that was included in the KoP. I tried installing simply the LabView 2012 Runtime that was downloadable from NI, and while that got the DS somewhat working, it loudly complains because of missing (what I assume is) vision stuff.

Does anyone have a DVD I could borrow? We want to make my laptop a backup DS in the event that something unfortunate happens to our Classmate.

If you just want to run the Driver Station application, you should install the 2013 Driver Station Update from NI linked to on the 2013 Technical Resources page on the FIRST web site.

I can upload the DVD if you still need it. Or you can pick it up from Flushing NY.

Alan - yeah, unfortunately you still need some LabView components to make that work. I tried :slight_smile:

arun4444 - I’ll PM you for details on how/where to pick it up.

arun4444 seems to have gone silent - I sent a PM, and have received no response for several days. So does anyone else have this I can borrow? Or if you can (legally) upload it someplace, that would work too.

Everything is all solved now, thanks!