LabView 2012 frc on linux

I’m trying to install labview on my computer which is running lunixmint but when i plug the flash drive in it has nothing on it. so i tried it on a computer run windows and i could see the flash drive the the files were mounted as a disk. is there anyway i can get it to do that on linux.


install gentoo

How did you mount the flash drive? How are you determining it has nothing on it? Are you sure you were actually mounting it? You would see an empty “drive” if you made the mount point but didn’t mount it.

I’m wondering how you’re going to install labview – are you using wine?

There is a LabVIEW version for Linux and Mac but they are not on the cd included in the kop. they can be requested from ni, but the frc stuff wouldn’t work anyways. I think that the frc driver station uses windows only functions. The wpi stuff could theoretically be copied from a windows machine, but the crio toolkit would have to be installed separately, and the FRC additions wouldn’t work either.
if you can get it all setup, you may still require help just connecting with the robot and deploying. I would recommend getting a windows machine for the FRC programming.
(Again it is possible to program the cRIO using Linux, but I an not sure at how easy or successful you would be)

Ok i got Gentoo but i have no idea how to use it.

I copied over the files to my flash drive and have tried installing under WINE but it tells me that I already have old versions of all the software it tries to install – LabVIEW, PID, Vision – which i certainly don’t since it’s my first time trying to install this software on this computer

I’m also interested in this. I would like only to do programming at home from my linux machine. Can the WPI and PID libraries be copied over from a windows installation? I’m not interested in deploying or communicating from this computer – it’s just for exploring and learning.
Thank you

Technically yes, but the DLLs will cause the VIs to be broken. You could correct this with a bit of work by making stub version of the wpi lib VIs and using the on linux.

Greg Mckaskle

I actually requested from NI recently to put last years LV on my Linux Mint machine, only to get a response to the effect of “this service is no longer offered.”

Gentoo is not a Linux distribution for the faint of heart. I happen to use it on my desktop computer and four servers, and compiling your own operating system (the whole purpose of the distribution) isn’t something you want to waste your time on during build season. That said, it’s a fantastic way to learn system administration, and it’s the first time I really cared about an operating system (beyond the kernel as I do the Linux kernel).

Although it should technically be possible to use LabView, it’s not possible out-of-the-box. Listen to Greg Mckaskle, this is kind of his area.

Has anyone had any experience installing LabVIEW on a virtual machine?

I almost always use it with a virtual machine. I have occasionally had issues with the imaging tool-- can’t control all of the NICs, but everything else is fine. I did have an odd performance issue with an SQLLite based portion of LV.

Greg Mckaskle

Virtual Machines are the only way I can program for FRC. I can’t install on my machine because I have to keep that LabVIEW in a specific configuration for work. I have used VMWare and VirtualBox. VBBox is free but VMWare handles USB devices better. (especially involving sleep and hibernation) Both were fast and responsive.