labVIEW 2015 help using axis camera

I have successfully configured the axis camera using the setup axis camera utility provided by labVIEW, powered it and connected it to the roboRIO. However, when I run the default Dashboard project, and select the “IP Camera” setting in hopes of seeing live footage streaming on the camera indicator, I see nothing.

Is there some piece of code that I’m missing?

Thanks so much!

The 2015 default Dashboard expects the Axis camera to have a special name:axis-camera
Unfortunately, different model/vintage Axis cameras have different default names.
If you can determine the IP address of the camera (since it is now set to DHCP it’ll be easier to connect it to the DLink that has also been setup,
then the IP address will be assigned from 10.TE.AM.20 .21 .22 .23 etc.)

Yes, I’m sure it’s not set to the correct name since it’s an older camera. That should make it work.

Thanks for the help!