Labview 2015 Vision Example

Hello all. I’m a new programmer with my team, and this is my first year in FIRST, and using Labview.

I’ve read quite a bit of material on Vision Processing, and done tutorials from National Instruments, and also looked at a few of the Labview examples. However, I have some questions for those of you who have looked at the 2015 Vision Example.

1)Is the Color Processing Example able to see the grey bins? I tuned it to the correct HSV value ranges for the grey Pantone, but I can’t seem to see the bin.

2)How does the shape processing one work? It says “Use Tote Color for initial processing, then search for the trained template image.” Firstly, I’m unable to pick up a grey bin with color, and I don’t know how to tell it to search for the template image.

Thanks in advance for your help, and your time.

Benjamin Shields