LabView 2017

I have downloaded the Labviewfile, but it does not open a setup wizard. How do I install it and run it?

There are two LabVIEW installs you need:

  1. the basic LabVIEW - this also comes on a DVD in your KOP (only if you are programming in LabVIEW)
  2. The FRC specific Update

Download the files.
Unzip the files.
Click on Setup inside each folder.

Hello WalnutsAndBolts in the KOP there was a CD but if you use the internet browser verizon you still need the package the CD came with in your KOP because that has your serial number for labview. Here are directions
1.Download NI LabVIEW 2017

2.After downloading and using the installer which should be automatic you should have LabVIEW 2016 (NI Gives use last years LabVIEW)

3.Download the update suite

4.After downloading and using the installer you should have LabVIEW FRC 2017 and the options for the Driver Station and NI stuff.

If you are having issues getting the setup wizard to start find the file location and open file autorun.exe in the LabVIEW file installer file location.

Hope that helps. Happy Building:)

One more good thing to know is if you go into the tab on the left that says “Support” and then click “Find FRC Examples…” in the center column, you will find implementable code that is already written for you to help you program.