LabView 4 Motor Controllers 1 Joystick

Hi, I’m trying to control my robot’s 4 motor controlls with 1 joystick. I have a rear left, rear right motor and front left and front right motor. For each of these we have 4 motor controllers. When I input the labview function for 4 motors to our pre existing drive system, the robot only moves 2 motor controllers.

I’ve attached the project below. Any help is greatly appreciated.

2011 Robot (1.53 MB)

2011 Robot (1.53 MB)

Your code looks right to me (except you’re going to need to invert one more motor after you get all 4 working).

Are the lights on the jaguars that are attached to the non-moving motors solid when the robot is enabled or are they flashing? If they flash when the robot is enabled then the jaguars are not getting signal. Check the pwm cables.