LabVIEW Activation Issues

Hello Chief Delphi Users,

I am member of team 204 and I need some advice. We have been unable to activate LabVIEW through our numerous attempts and thought someone here might have some answers. When the NI Activation Wizard appears with 3 options, Automatically activate though a secure internet connection, use a web browser to acquire an activation code, or apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously acquired for this computer.

I have tried all 3 options numerous times, and none of them have worked. I have gotten an activation code several times through these methods, but the computer consistently denies it.

Is there anyone out in this super large universe who can help?

searching ‘activation’ yields this

Thank you very much! I am new to this board, and I do apologize for any clutter this post may have caused.

not a problem, search is your friend.