Labview activation

Has anyone else had issues activating labview this season, every time I go to put in my serial number I grt a message saying activation warning. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

Could you screenshot the warning please? Of cource be careful to blank out your team’s serial number and any personal email address.

I think there might be some serial number entries that don’t need to get activated for FRC but I’m not sure. Have you tried to build and deploy code and use the camera from the dashboard? If all that works and there is no indication (like watermarks) while doing it, then I think you’re all set.

When I open up my LabVIEW application it brings me to the screen to enter my serial number. This week I have been running the free trial they offered while trying to get this problem fixed while contacting NI. However now that the free trail is up once I put in the serial number this is the message I am displayed.

What do you see when you click ‘Next’?

I recommend checking:

  1. That your computer connected to the internet and with access to
    The activation is done through the web with NI’s servers, so you want to ensure there’s no connection problems (for example: trying to activate while connected to the robot’s radio - been there, done that :joy:)
  2. That you are using this year’s serial number
    Ensure you are using the serial number provided to teams for the 2021 season in the virtual Kit of Parts, and not one from a previous season.

@jcallahan22, you’re not the only one to report having issues activating (e.g. Activation error - NI Community), check the things that @oscarfonloz suggested, and if that doesn’t work, post on the NI support forum so that the NI reps can help you sort it out.

That would take me to labview because my free trial was still activated, now that the free trial is over the button says close instead of next

The screenshot is after you entered the serial number right?

Hmm looks like mshafer1 is likely right that it’s not just you. Yesterday another team reported another activation problem.

Actually I had LabVIEW installed from last year and don’t remember having to reactivate (my system is a bit more complicated though since I have other versions of LabVIEW installed). I just now opened NI License Manager and tried entering my team’s serial number using the process below (even though it hasn’t asked me to) and I got this.
Screenshot 2021-02-07 190654

  1. Windows Start Menu
  2. Type and select “NI License Manager”
  3. Click image
  4. Select “Enter a serial number” from the drop-down
  5. Enter your serial number in all of the given entries
  6. Click Activate.

I hope I don’t make things worse but I don’t think I will since it sounds like don’t have any access to LabVIEW now.
What if you try last year’s serial number? :thinking:

In addition to the NI forms you can just call National Instruments with their FRC number. The number used to be online but I don’t see it there, only on the LabVIEW Getting Started Window Support tab now which… you don’t have access to. It is (866) 511-6285. And in case that’s invalid now, there are a couple other phone numbers on Contact Us - NI. I would use the “Other Questions” one and tell them you are participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and have a LabVIEW activation issue, expect to be transferred a couple of times.

You should see “Professional Development System” activated. I am not surprised the other versions (such as Student, Base, Full, etc.) are not activating with the SN. You shouldn’t need those if you have properly activated the Professional version.

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