Labview and Java

Is there a way to convert Labview data into java? or java data into labview? this method can help us out a lot next year, if I can get a way to convert data. So that our team can use two programs interchangeably.

If by “data” you mean source code, then the answer is no, not directly. LabView and Java are completely different paradigms. You can, however, possibly convert your program to psuedocode that can be translated to either java or Labview.

How do you do that?

Psuedocode is just a simplified representation of a program that describes the logical flow of your code. Since programming is a logical exercise, meeting the requirements of psuedocode is achievable regardless of the actual programming language. Look here for more information:

There is no magic way to generate psuedocode other than to write it. You will notice that examples resemble Java or C++ in form, however, the logic can still be applied to LabView.