Labview and Vex Ultrasonic Sensors

Will the Vex Ultrasonic Sensors work with the FRC Labview ultrasonic sensor VI right out of the box? Has anyone tried this?

try putting this under the sensor forum. it’s not a programming topic

I have seen the Vex US sensor on robots in the past, so I’m guessing the answer is, it will work.

There is an example you can test with found in :
C:\program files\National Instruments\LabView 2011\examples\FRC\Digital\Ultrasonic At least that is the path on my PC. Honestly, I am not sure if this example is set up to measure pulse width, but it looks as though it is.

A Vex US generates a HIGH pulse during the time the unit is looking for the returned “ping”. Just measure the pulse width and do the math to determine the distance to the nearest object.
To generate the “ping” , you need to apply a HIGH pulse of at least 10uS on the trigger line.