Labview Autonomous and Pneumatics

I tried a forum search and came up with nothing-

Would anyone have a code snippet or could explain to our students how to trigger pneumatic cylinders in autonomous mode? We currently *(as has been explained to me) have a watchdog timer that runs for 10 seconds to go straight.

Our drive system uses pneumatic cylinders to steer- so until we figure out how to turn we’ll just go straight… into the wall :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! (Posting from the competition now…)

It’s exactly the same as tele-operated mode. Are they having trouble making it work in autonomous mode?

I suspect the issue you have is getting the reference to the relay or spike so that auto can control it. You can do this by modifying the Robot Global and writing the refnums in Begin or outside of the loop in basic. Then read the global in Auto and control it. Use error I/O for sequencing, or sequence structure if you must.

Greg McKaskle

From your description I’m assuming you’re using the Watchdog “Delay and Feed” to drive straight for 10sec. If you stay with “dead-reckoning” (i.e. driving for certain times rather than based on some sensor input like an encoder or a gyro), you can wire off of the “Delay and Feed” error output to have subsequent VI’s (like firing a solenoid) run after the delay has expired. This accomplishes basically the same thing as a sequence structure or state machine for very simple sequences.

Make sure you’ve opened the solenoid outputs before your Auto runs - in the LV advanced framework you can do that in the Begin vi, and add the solenoid refs to the Robot Data cluster. Hope that helps.

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Thanks Ron-

I had the students and the other mentor take a look at the note. They seemed to have an idea as to what it might be- but I’ll just smile and nod and pull out the p-card…