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We are working on adding onto our code and we are trying to make an independent motor to move after our drive. Would I connect that onto our drive code or do I add a separate flat sequence ?

It sounds like a motor separate from the drivetrain, so it should be handled separately.

If I understand correctly, first frame would drive, second frame would stop drive and start separate motor, third frame would stop separate motor?

You can start both Drive and the extra motor in the first frame if you want them to run at the same time.

I want the drive to run and then for the seperate motor to run after.


  • frame 1: start drive motor, wait for x seconds (or encoder value)-make sure motor safety is off or you use a drive delay vi
  • frame 2 stop drive, wait long enough for robot to coast to a stop
  • frame 3 start separate motor, and wait or encoder or limit switch or etc.
  • frame 4 stop separate motor and done

That is what I would like, we are using talons and I dont know if I’m using the wrong one but I cant connect the stop drive to the talons, I will upload a picture.

Coming out of the safety is a drive dev rev and the only one in the talon is a can talon srx reference.

I don’t quite understand what you are attempting to do.
You’ve already stopped your drive train in the previous frame.

What does this Talon have to do with the drive train?
Is it actually one of the drive train motors or is it a stand-alone separate motor?

The Talon is a separate motor that i want to run after the drive is complete.

More like this:
The Talon has a different motor definition than the Drive.

Sample 1

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Okay I get it now thank you

I do have another problem with what I’m running now, I’ll attach and image but it is not stopping
It just goes.