Labview Beta Test and Acitvation issues with Team Serial numbers.

TORC was a beta test team and upon installing the kickoff release software and team serial number I was not able to activate the software.

If you run into this problem the short answer is to use the “NI License Manager” and deactivate the software and reactivate under the team license code.

Long answer…

Just spent about 1.5 hours with NI to get activated.

I completely uninstalled beta software and installed from new DVD and team serial. Would not activate. Would not accept activation codes generated by installation routine, or phone support.

There is a “bug” in the NI install/uninstall that registry will remember your old installation of the beta serial, and automatic registration methods do not like to go from a time unlimited license (beta), to a time limited (team) serial number.

Using the NI License Manager you are able to activate the time limited team serial.

Seems beta forums on team forge are closed, so did not know where to post. This should only affect beta test teams.

I ran into this initially but a complete uninstall/reinstall fixed it. For me, order of operations was:

Install FRC 2016 update.
Re-Run Labview 2016 (really 2015 but…)
Reinstall Labview
Reinstall FRC Update

The beta forums are still active. There’s discussion in the C++ forum today.