LabView Button Problems

I am not sure how to make a bi-directional motor using two separate buttons, Ex. being "button 2 make motor move counter clockwise, and button 3 makes same motor move clockwise.

Given two buttons, there are four possibilities you need to handle. Here’s a simple truth table that shows them:

Button2    Button3    Result?
F          F          ??
F          T          Go Clockwise
T          F          Go Counter-clockwise
T          T          ??

On the “??” cases, you need to choose whether to do what it was already doing, stop, or some other specific action depending on what makes sense in your mechanism.

Use select VIs (or nested case statements or a select statement in a case statement, depending on what makes the most sense to you) to get the right result for each situation, then feed it to a Motor Set.

Did my reply the other day not help? Here’s one of the better answers you should have been able to find by searching.