Labview Camera Image Flip

This is my first year working on electronics/programming, and we’re looking at mounting our camera upside down. I just wanted to double check that this addition to the Begin VI (bottom left, rotate 180 degrees) would correctly flip the camera image, as it would be rather agitating to arrive at competition and find that this doesn’t work…

I’m not 100% sure, but that won’t likely do anything. If you just need the image flipped, try adding that block to the dashboard. The camera code in the dashboard is easily manipulated, plus it won’t slow down the c-rio.

If you need the image flipped for image processing, put the block in the vision processing vi. You should be able to connect the image in/image out to the feed from the camera.

That won’t work where you’ve placed it.
It only works on an actual image, not on an IP address string.

I agree that would work in your dashboard program. There isn’t any image processing on the cRIO for the video stream back to the Dashboard, but it’s simple to add to the Dashboard logic.

Adding the video flip to the dashboard LabView works, but it eats up SO MUCH CPU, and will barely run on the original classmate. If you’re coding in c++/java, there is a command you can call when you initialize the camera to flip it for you before it gets sent to the dashboard.


There’s also an easy way in LabVIEW to tell the camera to handle a 180 degree rotation if you want to do it that way.
Greg McKaskle posted an easy way to do, it in another thread. You can just check his recent posts or ask and we can direct you if you have trouble locating it.

It was described here.

Greg McKaskle

Our cameral was mounted upside down last year last-minute, and we tried flipping the camera on the classmate. It seemed to work perfectly fine on last year’s classmate. If you have troubles with processing speed, you could decrease the update speed or use one of the other solutions above.