Labview Camera lag -- modify dashboard

Last year there were a lot of problems with running robot using the camera, lag and TCP errors. I know teams created new dash boards to eliminate some controls. I read the dash board tutorials, I still need a little assistance. If I want to just use camera and some large digital input Boolean LEDs, what will I have to do. The tutorial indicated an alternate way to send data to dash board is modifying the DashboardEnalbles.ctl. Is this the better way to minimize data flow from Robot, in the end, do not want to have robot lag using camera and controls. I assume this is the front panel? I do not see this control in project window. Do I just delete all the controls on front panel, but still leaves a lot of code. I know there is a dashboard.exe located in C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard… Does this exe change when build new dash board? How do you build/create .exe file, I did not see this in tutorial.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

Here’s a post where I described the steps to creating a new Dashboard .exe

To start with, just try deleting the front panel controls you don’t want.
You can delete from the front panel, but remember to remove the broken wires from the block diagram afterwards.

Test after each deletion to be sure that what you are doing works and hasn’t been broken.
You can repurpose some of them to be your boolean indicators too if you want.
Once you’ve removed what you don’t want, then you’ll be able to see what code is no longer needed and can proceed to remove some of that. But do it all a step at a time to catch and train yourself not to break the program inadvertently.

The dashboard in '10 had two issues that contributed to increased CPU usage. Removing either would reduce the CPU required to draw the video.

The reason is somewhat complicated, but the chart to the right of the screen was configured so that the scale overlapped the plot area. This resulted in the chart invalidating its screen area on updates rather than drawing only new info. The image display also invalidated the image info area. Since these two controls were on opposite sides of the screen, everything that intersects the bounding box of those two invalidated areas would redraw. This approximately doubled the CPU needed to draw the video.

This year’s dashboard doesn’t have that chart, and will not cause this issue.

At least for LabVIEW, the lag in the vision was often caused by the size of the buffer being returned from the camera. This was due to resizing of buffers and artifacts of the VxWorks memory manager.

If you really want to have lag-free video to the dashboard, I’d recommend hooking a dedicated camera to the switch on the robot, and modifying the dashboard to directly request and decode the MJPG stream. I expect a tutorial or example to be released shortly showing the details.

Greg McKaskle

Thanx Greg

This sounds good, how would I know when this new set up tutorial/example be ready? Where will it be posted to download?

We also wanted to light some Large LEDs on dashboard based on Digital Input VIs going true, will this be available to do on new set up?

I will not invest any more time on this until I sew new tutorial


The tutorial is finally up.

It looks like they forgot the VI, but it is attached at the end of this thread.

Greg McKaskle